Lisette Lafontaine has practiced within our firm since 1988, in commercial and real estate law. Before joining our team, Lisette practiced law as a researcher at the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

Lisette was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1986, after graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal in 1985.

As part of her practice, Lisette specializes in commercial law, real estate law, commercial leases and securities.


Business Law

Real estate law



1986 – Court of Appeal – researcher

1988 – Joins Dufour Mottet Lawyers

1998 to 2018 – Partner at Dufour Motter Lawyers

2010 – Speaker – Commercial leases

2010 – Legal Columnist – VOX-MATV

2010 – Member of the board of directors of a syndicate of co-owners

2018 to … – Dufour Mottet Lawyers – part-time

2019 to … – Member of the board of directors of the Société Center Tennis International Saint-Jérôme

2020 to … – Member of the board of directors of the Association Régionale de Tennis des Laurentides



1985 – University of Montreal – Faculty of Law – LL.B.

1986 – Quebec Bar



Quebec Bar




Kyokushin Karate – Black Belt – 2nd Dan


Spoken languages